Welcome to The Road

 Welcome. I’m glad you stopped by.

I’m Natalie and I write about roads–the ones we take to work and the to grocery store, the ones we wander on a Sunday afternoon or a week away, and especially the figurative road that is life. I love a good story–the ones we read, the ones we tell, the ones we live. Stories are what you’ll find here, stories for the journey.

A few years back, I realized that while we’ve been called to run with endurance the race set before us, none of us run the same course. The race may be the same, but the curves, the hills, the conditions of each is unique. Stories encourage me to keep on, to embrace the challenges of my own road. I hope what you read here today heartens you for yours.

I share the road with my husband of twenty-two years, our three children, and a gracious and merciful God. These relationships set the tone and direction for my days and my life. We live in the midwest at the end of a long lane in the woods with a fluctuating number of cats, bees, frogs, and fish. We love the outdoors. And Yellowstone. And books and boardgames.

Some favorites: people (especially one at a time), meandering and meaningful conversation, making our home, morning, silence, solitude, books, music, Yellowstone, lilacs, daffodils, clothes. And snow. Always snow.

A sartorial confession: While I thrive on life outdoors—biking, hiking, canoeing, ice-toddling (my version of ice skating), or just walking—I have an abiding affection for ridiculous shoes and impractical clothes. Hats, scarves and skirts all make me happy, especially skirts that are sporty enough to stand up to hiking.

Some not favorites: crowds, sleeping in, continual small talk, conflict, feeling cold, hiking steep slopes.

Thanks for joining me here today. Wander around. Leave a comment and let me know you were here. I’d love to meet you.


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