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Like summer and fall and winter, it visits us every year. And like that bird I saw last summer, each of the four seasons brings a regular reminder to remember that somewhere down the road, things will change. That, along with each season’s inevitable hardships and gifts, are part of their rhythm and their charm. Some of these gifts are obvious and some are hidden, requiring us to search or simply be still. These are some of the gifts I’ve found this spring.

Birdsong: It’s so, so much better to wake to the birds than to the alarm clock.
Grey days: What better foil for the brilliance of the next morning’s blue sky?
Graduation parties: Celebrating with these kids and their families is a joy.
Picnic tables: My people linger longer when we’re seated outdoors.
Wildflowers: Even dandelions look fetching in an open meadow.
Baby animals. They’re baby animals, and that’s enough.
Open windows: They invite breezes and birdsong.
Campfires: They’re best when it’s a little cool.
Full streams: They sing one of nature’s songs.
Moss: I don’t even know why. Yet.

What gifts are you finding this spring?

For everything there is a season

4 thoughts on “Gifts of Spring

  1. Lovely thoughts Natalie. My springtime joy is sitting in the bright, warming sunshine viewing the mountains still deeply covered with snow. A promise of water into the summer, a reminder of the winter past and the one to come. A beautiful postcard picture that speaks to God’s amazing creations all here for us to savor and enjoy!

    • I love that, Joy, especially a promise of water, that the winter is past. I think of you often this spring with all you have going on. Take care!

  2. Natalie, I’ll have to agree and ‘amen’ all of your list; however, I’m with you on moss–i laughed out loud. It’s a ubiquitous resident of our Pacific Northwest.I don’t like it; let’s just say I’ve made peace with it.

    • Isn’t it funny, the wonderful quirkiness of what we love and what we make peace with? Thanks for sharing that you laughed out loud!

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